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Who We Are

Inside The BoxWe are an automotive crash data retrieval company which caters to the legal community.   Our certified technicians use state of the art equipment to download crash data and keep it safe in our secure servers.

Inside The Box was founded in 2023 by John Laughlin M.Eng., P.E., D.F.E.  Mr. Laughlin has been performing accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineering services to the legal community since 1997.  His inspiration for Inside The Box was, and still is, that many clients do not require an accident reconstruction until much time has passed since the crash.  Often, at this stage, the involved vehicles have been scrapped or sold and the black box data can no longer be retrieved.  This can cost thousands of dollars to be added to the cost of a reconstruction by having to rely solely on traditional accident reconstruction methods.  The black box data, if secured early, can be made available to an accident reconstructionist, at a later date, simplifying the reconstruction process.

If secured early, the black box data can be used to help evaluate the value of your case and validate your client’s claims.  During the litigation process, opposing viewpoints, such as those regarding liability or accident severity, can be evaluated by referring to the crash data.  As such, the black box data can also be a valuable tool during settlement negotiations.

We are comprised of a team of knowledgeable Crash Data Retrieval Technicians, whose main focus is properly downloading and preserving black box data from vehicles.  Our technicians are dedicated to the idea that the black box data should be an important tool in any crash investigation and accident reconstruction.  It is our pleasure to provide this information to you.

What We Do

Inside The Box

The professionals at Inside The Box are dedicated to crash data retrieval.  In other words, we specialize in downloading crash data from vehicles.  Our technicians are able to download the data from vehicles that have been repaired and vehicles that have been damaged beyond repair.  We use state of the art equipment to download the data and then immediately upload the data to our secure servers.  If desired, our technicians will photograph the vehicle and take measurements.  The photographs and measurements will also be uploaded to our secure servers for you to download.

How We Do It

Inside The Box

Black box data has been available in certain vehicles since 2000.  However, in 2012, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations have required that auto manufacturers make black box data commercially available.  This data is stored inside the vehicle, typically in the Airbag Control Module, and requires specialized tools to access the data.

Inside The Box uses the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tool, manufactured by Bosch.  The CDR Tool is the industry standard platform for downloading crash data from most vehicles.  The Bosch CDR Tool is compatible with almost every automobile which stores EDR data, which the exception of a few manufacturers which require proprietary equipment.

Our technicians use the CDR tool to access the black box data from the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics port, which is located underneath the dash on the driver’s side.  Our technicians also use the CDR tool to retrieve the black box data directly from the Airbag Control Module in vehicles that have been severely damaged.  This method typically requires dismantling the center console to gain access to the module.  The module can be retained and the information re-downloaded at a later date.

Once the crash data is retrieved, photographs of the vehicle and measurements may also be taken.  The crash data, photographs and measurements are uploaded to our secure servers to maintain the integrity of the information.  We then provide you an access code to download the data, at your convenience.

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